It is because of the Leadership of our most committed Distributors that ORGANO has the success we have today. And on Mother’s Day, we want to especially thank all the female Leaders that have stood with us throughout the years— without you, none of this would have been possible.

To celebrate this day, we asked some of our most dedicated Leaders to share their stories of success, what inspires them, but most of all, to share a few words about their experience on embracing what makes them unique: their Natural Beauty.

LeAnn Lyon

LeAnn was introduced to ORGANO in 2016. She’s learned to be a true Leader thanks to Sam & Kim Bean, Lois & Deidre Koffi. She’s also felt deeply inspired by Earlene Buggs, who showed her the importance of passion when building an authentic business.

LeAnn has already tried beU skincare, and was happy to tell us her opinion:

“It’s simple and lovely, and it’s a perfect addition to what we can offer our customers. Knowing the ingredients are beautifully pure makes it easy to get behind the brand. I can feel the interaction with the cleanser. I love the smell of roses of the serum, while it soaks almost instantly into my skin. The light moisturizer goes on smoothly, and I am on to my day!”

OG: What does the term ‘Natural Beauty’ mean for you, and how do you feel it influences someone’s health and self-image?

LeAnn: Our 17-year-old daughter is giving up cosmetics that hide her natural skin for the next 40 days before Easter. She has lovely skin, but her beauty is more than skin-deep. Beauty has to do with spirit, energy, and compassion for others. When we are not trying to be someone else, we are beautiful. This leads to self-confidence, happiness, and health.

Odile Perez

Odile started her journey with ORGANO in March of 2011. It was once in the Company where she discovered her potential as a business owner, which empower her to help others to find theirs through the OG System, leadership, and the products.

When sharing her experience with beU, Odile shared with us just how much she loved it: “It’s exceptional, from its smell to its texture. My skin has never looked as radiant and glowy as it looks now. I said goodbye to my dry skin and said hello to my new smooth and soft skin.”

OG: How do you think beU could empower women to embrace their Natural Beauty?

Odile: Natural Beauty means to be yourself and to let your inner self-shine externally. From its brand name to its message, beU is inviting women to be who they are and to walk confidently into their own identity and natural beauty. It also allows us to embrace self-care, which is so important yet often neglected by women because of our busy schedules and multiple roles.

Carley Guinn

Carley has been with ORGANO since August of 2010. She’s been a committed Distributor, and in the Company, she has discovered that all she needed was to believe in herself.

After being so successful, she’s ready to try new horizons with a skincare line that adapts to all her needs: “ I love the new beU skincare line. It feels amazing on the skin, and I can tell the difference in my skin’s texture and complexion. The two most important factors in what I use on my skincare? It’s cruelty-free and made from natural ingredients. So naturally, beU is a perfect match for me. 

OG: How do you think Natural Beauty influences someone’s health and self-image? 

Carley: Natural beauty begins on the inside. If you don’t love who you are and don’t believe your beautiful on the inside, it doesn’t matter what you do on the outside — you will never truly feel beautiful. When you truly love yourself, you automatically do things to take good care of yourself. I LOVE makeup, but now that I have learned to love who I am on the inside, I find myself loving more of a natural look when it comes to wearing it. 

Montserrat Ortiz

Montserrat has been in ORGANO already for five years and ever since, she’s found new ways not only to improve her business continuously but also her personal life. She has mainly focused on helping other women to succeed, and to feel as satisfied and grateful as she is today.

Also determined to follow and maintain a healthier lifestyle, Montserrat has found that beU is an excellent addition to her routine:  “As a nutritionist, I know the benefits of some of beU’s ingredients, such as the vitamins A and E. We can normally acquire them from healthy food, and they help to improve the texture and elasticity of our skin and protect it. My skin feels so soft, and the natural, delicious fragrances make me feel like a baby when going to sleep.”

OG: Women from all around the world are ready to try beU for the first time. Do you have a message to invite them to join the conversation?

Montserrat: Ladies, this is the opportunity all of us have been waiting for: a space and a product line we can benefit from and share with thousands of females around the globe. Each and every one of us deserves to be pampered and nourished from the inside out, and beU is definitely an ally we can trust. Take a closer look and please share your testimonies, your photos, your videos. Let’s spread the word and help every woman to realize they are unique and that they never have to be someone else!

Are you ready to discover your Natural Beauty and follow the steps of your wisest Leaders! Get ready then! A treasure #BrigtherThanGold is coming your way!


Founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, ORGANO™ is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the earth’s nutritional riches to people throughout the world via its premium products that can be used daily to help to achieve a more energetic and healthier lifestyle.


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