It seems that everything is possible for Rumaanah: not only she became a New Ruby this month, but she also qualified for the 3rd Cycle of the Global Growth Bonus! WELL DONE!

Her journey began in 2018 when she got accepted to study Audiology through university. In addition to her journey, she was getting married two days before she started University (can you imagine the stress?)

“Being newly married, especially while being young and studying I felt shy to depend on my husband, parents, and in-laws. Seeing that new pair of shoes, buying an extra set of pyjamas, decorating my home, or even just buying gifts to spoil myself and loved ones without thinking of it making a dent in my pocket.”

“That was my drive to start thinking about doing something, anything. That was when my network marketing journey began. In the middle of August 2019, I joined a previous network marketing company, with no experience at all. As time passed that company was no longer a viable option for me and that is when Organo came into my life with angel wings. I started Organo in May 2020, I saw the opportunity and ran with it. Ever since then my life has made a full 360 degree turn for the better. It was the best decision of my life.”

How did you achieve your success?  How did you build your business?

Definitely not overnight! I took it one day at a time. I started with three Distribution partners in May 2020. With the power of duplication three became six, six became twelve which increased day after day. Within three weeks I hit my VIP consultant rank and that is when I saw my life flashed before my eyes.

How I achieved success and built my business was simple, I drank a cup of Coffee, shared it with others, expanded my business opportunity, grew my empire, and taught my empire to do the same.

The pandemic has brought about a myriad of uncertainty in everyone’s lives, many were retrenched, unemployed or even employed working overtime with half the salary. Everyone is looking for something to incorporate into their lives. This is an opportunity to change the lives around the world, one cup at a time.

What are your 3 top tips for success?

1. Being consistent: Focusing on the goal and time management

I never, ever told myself that I would “come back to it later”. I did not wait until I was financially stable, or had more time, or was “ready”. I realized that if working from home or a passive income was something that I really wanted, I would have to start working toward it NOW and ALWAYS. I made a deal with myself: I would try my best to become financially independent and help others to the same, and I would not stop walking that path until either every possibility had been exhausted or I’d reached the goal. Even when things got difficult, I chose not to give up, because I did not try everything yet.

This does not mean that I locked myself in a room or office for hours on end or spent all of my time on my cell-phone or speaking to customers or prospects. This where time management comes into play, when you have a goal and dream, along with other responsibilities around you, you have to make a plan to get it all done or else you will never be able to. I bought myself a pretty notebook (which increases the motivation) and make sure I write down whatever I need to do and plan my day accordingly so that I achieve what I plan to achieve and trust me, it is the best feeling ever!

2. Hard work and effort

Speaking of things getting difficult. I worked a LOT. I wanted to be able to be independent and be able to live life on my own terms. Success does not happen overnight, there is no success without failure. Embrace the slow days, Embrace the rejection. Shift past the hurdles and do not give up with the first stone thrown at you. Keep on moving, stronger than ever because one day you are going to look back and thank the situations that brought you to where you are today.

3. Mindset

Everything happens on a mental level before it manifests on the physical level. This is why it is so crucial to have a positive mindset, with anything you, anywhere in life. You have to believe in yourself no matter what the circumstances are. Strengthen your vision and have hope in achieving your goals and dreams.

YOU CAN DO THIS! Yes, you. Say this to yourself every night and every morning and thank me later.

Where do you see your future in OG? 

Focusing on being bright and shiny, like a DIAMOND.

What are your 3 favourite OG products?

Gourmet Lattè, Mocha and hot cocoa. Creamy, delicious, goodness. You would never say you are drinking a health beverage. My go-to is the Gourmet Lattè I cannot go a day without my cup of heaven.

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