Mum, wife and new Glam-Ma to her new-born Granddaughter, Maliyah, Charlene lives in Scotland with her husband Jake and bulldog Hudson.

But shares her time between Scotland to be near her daughter and travelling across the UK to collect her Stepson, Johnny… creating the perfect reason to have a business you can work from anywhere!

Charlene’s determination for success and independence has always been the driving force for the life she wanted to create; as a qualified beauty professional, Charlene opened her very own salon as a single Mum at just 18 years old.

When Charlene discovered Network Marketing 9 years ago, she saw an industry that would allow her to build on her existing beauty success;

but at the same time, create the time freedom she wanted to spend with her family and travel the world. 

It’s fair to say, a business in network marketing has well and truly created the life Charlene enjoys now, even down to meeting her now husband, Jake, 5 years ago whilst travelling on a company incentive! 

The determination to change the stigma that surrounds single mothers plays a huge part in Charlene’s growth and success, but Charlene stresses that it is equally important to create a community and environment where the TEAM come together to bring support, empowerment, and friendship. 

“I truly believe that having that is what has built a solid team within Team Freedom, some of us have worked together from the very beginning, the whole 9 years!”

It isn’t always easy, and Charlene is a huge advocate of staying consistent within your business and working towards those goals. “Set a goal that you’re determined to achieve and have an unshakeable mindset that will keep you focused and on track! Make sure that vision is crystal clear and even on your bad days, have the belief that you are going to achieve it.”

Charlene tells us that she has big goals here at Organo! Despite travelling the world and creating an income that allowed her to close her salon after 20 years, Charlene feels that she hasn’t even scratched the surface of her potential and is excited to bring MORE to her business, and her team with Organo. “I want to go right to the top and take my team with me, travel the world together and build an international team! I can see the opportunity within this compensation plan and in just 8 weeks, have almost qualified for Global Getaway! I’ll achieve it this month and am focused on helping as many of my team as possible do the same!”

Charlene feels that the product range within Organo brings something to the table for absolutely everyone. 

“As the “Collagen Queen” my transition over to Organo meant that I could continue to bring this incredible product to my long-standing customers, but now they are also falling in love with a coffee that hits the spot, whilst giving incredible health benefits – The latte is my absolute favourite, I never thought anything could tear me away from Starbucks, but it has!” 

In just a few months of launching her business with Organo, Charlene Jeffs is definitely proving that she is one to watch! And we have no doubt that her drive and determination will make sure Charlene and her team achieve their goals here with us! 

Congratulations Charlene on your Ruby promotion!

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