Constant training is part of being a great ORGANO Distributor, not only you stay updated on the latest skincare trends and beU novelties, but also get the best information to leverage your business tools

Zoom Conferencing is one of our favorite tools to hold those remote, video conferences and today we bring you some tips to make the most out of them!

  1. Be prepared

Show ou in time for the meeting and get ready to take notes. Make sure that you’re in a quiet space so you can concentrate on the talk, this means turning off your TV, music and putting your phone in Silent Mode.

If you haven’t installed Zoom Conferencing, you can do so from your “My OG Office”.

  1. Don’t be shy

We love to interact with you and we may ask you to turn on your camera! So, make sure you’re looking great 😉

In case you’re the one conducting the training session, always be sure to have a good camera so you provide a good experience to all your guests (the Logitech BRIO Business-grade 4K Ultra HD Webcam might be a good choice). 

  1. Dare to ask questions

This is the best way to grow and learn with the rest of the people that get to the meeting. Don’t be afraid of asking things that may not seem clear.

  1. Spread the word

Invite some guests to join the beU training, the more the merrier. 

  1. Dare to make your own webinar or prospecting call

Now that you know the power of teleconferencing, you can use it too to contact your prospects or give important updates to your team. 

The idea with these trainings and tools is to make your OG business grow! So make sure you have fun in the process. See you on our next call!

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