Part of looking your best is also feeling your best and creating a self-care routine can help that purpose! Let beU be part of that special part of your day or your week.

Here are some ideas for that pampering moment:

1. Create space

What you need first is to create the appropriate atmosphere to relax and take some time to breathe. Make space for it on your schedule and your physical space: your bedroom, studio, even your bathroom! Anything goes. 

Light up some candles, turn on your oil diffuser with your favorite scent, play your favorite music… whatever tickles your fancy.

2. Pick your activity

Self-care can range from enjoying a delicious meal to just sitting in silence. Self-care is all that makes you feel good and supports a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Now that you set the space, start your activity and focus solely on it, here we have some ideas:

-watch a movie

– put on a nice facial mask

– do your nails

– Journal

– Make art

– Go for a walk

3. Get to a mental state of balance

Pay attention to your thoughts as you perform your self-care routine. The idea is to keep your mind away from negative thoughts and give yourself space to be, explore new things and feel free.

4. Take the time and enjoy it

The trick of self-care is making it last as much as you want, more than as much as you can. Understanding that taking care of your physical, mental and emotional being is as important as everything else is the first step to creating a successful routine. 

5. Succeed and repeat

Trying to make time for it on a daily or weekly basis is a great habit. In time you will see it is as vital and useful as brushing your teeth or even sleeping.

Become your best version and glow like never before with beU!

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