Bring your business to the next level with the new Global Growth Bonus!

Follow up with Austin Abada, one of our Global Growth Bonus Qualifiers from South Africa.

Your background? (in terms of work, study, career)
Your results with Organo (how did you qualify for the growth bonus?) What did you do to have this excellent result?
Organo’s model of business makes the approach in all forms very simple. I purposed from the beginning that in order to achieve the GGB, I needed to look out for Gold partners, but also encouraging other packages. I quickly applied the discipleship model of 2 by 2 wherein the development and capacitation of team efforts were an enabler for our team success.
What did you do to have this excellent result?
Collective Diligence. Just following already set out approaches.
Did you attend EXPO? If yes, what impact did it have on your belief and your attitude towards your business activities? Will you come to the next event in Las Vegas?
Did not attend any expo, but looking forward to coming to Las Vegas.
Please share 2 Tips for other distributors about your amazing achievement!
Build Momentum and Understand it is a marathon.

To get more information, DOWNLOAD HERE the full presentation document.

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