My name is Rumaanah Ahmed-Rashid, I am from Johannesburg South Africa and I am 21 years old.

I am a full time Audiology student since January 2018 (an aspiring ear doctor). I got married 2 days before I had to start university (can you imagine the stress). Studying full time does not give me financial stability, being newly married and especially being young, I felt shy to depend on my husband, parents and in-laws. Seeing that new pair of shoes, or buying an extra set of pjs for winter of even just buying gifts to spoil myself and loved ones without thinking of it making a dent in my pocket. 

That is when I decided I needed to start a side hustle. That is when my network marketing journey has began. In the middle of August 2019 with no network marketing experience what’s so ever. I did not even know how to sell a pen. I joined a previous network marketing company for about 8 months. I found myself in a negative space, it was so difficult to make sales and even build and duplicate. I changed companies to ORGANO™ on the 1st of May, as it was a much better opportunity and a viable option for myself and my team.

I wasn’t hesitant to say no, why? Because I knew if I said no I would be unfair to no one but myself and it was the best decision I have ever made. 

How did you qualify for the growth bonus? What did you do to have this excellent result?

I am so glad I said YES to this opportunity because it allowed so many new doors to be opened for me. 

Within 3 days of joining I got my first promotion as a copper representative. That is when I saw the potential of this company. You see the products we have, you hear it all the time IT SELLS ITSELF. 

That is when I saw my dreams flash before my eyes and worked harder than I ever did before. I knew what I wanted and knew what I had to do to achieve it.

I started with 6 people in my team. 6 became 12 which increased and increased by the day. Within 3 weeks I hit my VIP and just a week after that I reached Platinum VIP (and my goal for that month was supervisor, can you believe it) 

I thought the Month of May was so extraordinary then came June and THIS WAS MY MONTH. I had my eye on sapphire the whole month and in the third week of June I managed to achieve my 8th promotion- A sapphire leader with a team of 90 full members beside me. 

The month did not end off there everything that I worked towards above resulted in something amazing. I am excited to say I was the first in South Africa to achieve the 2nd Cycle of Global Growth Bonus. 

I will be completely honest, I did not do anything special or anything magical. I just had small realistic goals and I aimed to achieve it. 

I found a strategy that works for me and I recruited as much as I can, I taught those that placed their first order to start recruting and duplicate the same strategy to their team and for their team. A stratergy that includes leading by example. 

It always seems impossible until its done. 

The more you show what you as a leader can achieve, the more you will be able to motivate your team and teach them to do the same. That is the best way to build a strong reliable team. 

The saying “quality over quantity” get used everytime but its true. The secret to building a strong team is not the amount of people you recruit but rather the kind of people you recruit. I always tell my team it is better to have 5 people that are hard working and duplicating instead of 30 people not doing anything. 

I can proudly say that this is not a solo job, I did this with the help of my amazing team, my team of motivated and dedicated individuals that are driven to make a success of themselves and a change in their lives. 

I can proudly say besides for my achievement and the money, I changed many lives from my customers and my team members. 

Or those team members gaining that extra cash to support their family, put food on the table or even go out to get their nails done and spoil themselves. 

This is what makes my heart full and this is why I love doing what I do and continue to persevere through it all. 

I have amazing uplines and downlines from all over the world. Whenever I speak about the company you can hear the pride in my voice and see the sparkle in my eyes because I know what this company is capable of. I know that if my team and I ever find ourselves in any situation, I have a whole team above me to help me sort it out. 

Please share 2 Tips for other Distribution Partners about your amazing achievement!

Always remember, results happen overtime not overnight. 

I would say my two top tips would be…

Consistency – the secret to your future is hidden in your daily routine. When you bring that effort every single day thats where transformation happens and where change can occur. 

And mindset- our mindset controls our body. The more we believe the more we can achieve. Minset is the door to success. 

Once you instill the two tips in your life each day along with hard work and effort, you will see a new you achieving the life you deserve.

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